Good Read Photography #1

Reading lately about photography stuff, here's the links I have read so far.

My Advice For Aspiring Photographers. A very touching and inspiring article for would be photographers. There are really good points to remember on your journey to the world of photography.

How to Shoot in Harsh Midday Sunlight Using a Reflector. Even when sun is out, harsh light, hot weather and makes the photographer, assistants and the model sweat, it's still a good idea to shoot under these type of conditions.

RAW vs JPEG (JPG) – The Ultimate Visual Guide. We have attended a seminar workshop on Adobe Photoshop CS5 last weekend and one of the highlights of the workshop was with RAW and JPEG. The article will aid you how RAW and JPEG differs, and when to use RAW or JPEG on your camera.

A Look at Polarizing Filters in Action. A closer look at how polarizers work in action through the camera.

How To Find Your Unique Voice As A Photographer. This article will tell you what photography is all about. Also an inspiring write up for the novice and amateur photographers as well.

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