Nice to Have PC Specs for Media Production

A couple of months ago, we've written something about setting up a CPU for a workstation that its main use is supposed to be for processing digital images, video editing, graphic and web stuff. Unfortunately we are still have not been able to purchase, and right now there's a lot of new hardware offered on the market which is really great because there's a lot of choices to from and it's gonna much faster and more advanced compared to other older release of hardware. So what we did was we researched again for a good and budget friendly setup for CPU. 

CPU Setup. We've omitted the LED monitor on the list, as we first bought it so we can have external output from the netbook that we're using (small screen is really is not enough if you're into images, graphics and motion). Actually we are going for a dual monitor setup, but right now what fits into the budget is just the CPU.

Motherboard - Asrock 880GM-LE AMD880G Motherboard
AsRock motherboards is really bang for the buck because of its huge list of motherboard features and not to mention the cheap price. Also chose because of the number of slots for memory is 4. We've used this brand already, tried and tested and we even setup computers for clients with AsRock motherboards and so far, there was no trouble reported. This has onboard AVL (audio, video, lan)  for this motherboard also. 

AMD fan by heart, no need for so much detailed explanation. AMD just works for us, quality, selection wise and competitive price. Just opted for Sempron for now, as we are more into fattening the system memory instead of the processor speed. Maybe in time we'll gonna upgrade to AMD X4 or what will be the new processor around that will fit into the budget but right now sticking to Sempron.

We're making a comeback to Kingston products. We used to embrace their products before because of its quality. Picked the HyperX series from their memory products which is known this is used for gaming. Though Kingston HyperX blu is just an entry level, this is a good choice also for media work. This brings to a total of 16GB for the memory which is already massive setup for the regular user.

This external drive will be used mainly for backups and stuff so we chose this one so that it will be just steady on the desktop table.

PSU (Power Supply Unit) - CoolerMaster EX 500W
This power supply is the cheapest and quality power supply in the market. That will be good enough to power up the CPU effeciently. 

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) - Apollo Blast 650VA 

Casing - any ATX case will do.

*Opted for onboard video setup for the mean time as we still can't pick any specific video card model that will be suited for dual monitor setup.
*Onboard audio will be fine, since we will not be focusing into music production.

Vide of the day - All Time Low, Time-bomb

New music video and song from All Time Low, we love this video because there are great shots of the band and also the lens fare. Color treatment on is also nice which is why we posted it here for reference and inspiration.

Sky Church - Delubyo

One of the best songs of Sky Church

Top 3 International Destinations for 2012

2011 is getting near end and planning for the year 2012 is now on our mind. Our mindset for next year is to travel to more destination (we just love travelling, going to places we've never been to and explore the beauty of the earth). Travelling to international destinations was already been in our plans before but now we're making it and we've shared the 3 international destinations we're planning to go to for 2012.

1. Singapore - First on our list, the beautiful Singapore. It's just a small country however there's a lot to offer. Definitely worth a visit.
Marina Sands Bay | credit: williamcho    

2. Hong Kong - Aside from Disneyland which a lot of people go to Hong Kong, the prices are relatively low compared to Singapore.
Hong Kong | photo by: Stuck in Customs

3. Macau - Great destination also, Macau has numerous tourist spots to visit to.
Macau | photo by: cm28689

Do you have a list of destinations for 2012? Share it to us!

Krispy Kreme to open in SM City Cebu

Krispy Kreme has just recently hit Cebu opening 2 of their branches in IT Park and in Ayala Center Cebu. Next January 2012, they will opening again a new branch in SM City Cebu. Wow! does that mean business is great over Cebu. Anyway save the date and remember the location, it's in between Starbucks Coffee Shop and Krua Thai.

Sinulog 2012 Photo Contest

iEarly next year of January, the biggest festival of Cebu will take place, the Sinulog festival 2012. Earlier we posted the list of activities for Sinulog 2012. The festival has a lot of activies which includes a photo contest open to amateur and professional photographers. If you're coming for the Sinulog and want to join the photo contest, you may contact the Sinulog foundation on how to register for the said event.

Converse Mega Sale December 2011

Popular shoe brand Converse is currently holding a shoe sales with big discounts up to 70% less. The sale will be from December 14-18, 2011 at the SM City Cebu.


No need for an introduction, Cebu is a nice place to go on a vacation.

Wordpress 3.3 released

Popular blogging platform WordPress, just recently installed another new version which is 3.3 codename Sonny. Of course there's a lot of improvements as always. If you are running a blog for WordPress, schedule an version update. Just a tip, before doing the upgrade work be sure to backup files and databases first.

Bantayan Island

Bantayan, see you in Summer 2012!

Sa Cebu Nata!

Come to Cebu! Lots of great stuff to offer in this small city.

Quick Quick Danger

Looking up to this band, they'll coming over to Sinulog 2012 in Cebu, Philippines

2012 Philippine Holidays

Mark the holidays for the year 2012 in the Philippines.

Regular Holidays
January 1 (Sunday) - New Year’s Day 
April 5 - Maundy Thursday
April 6 - Good Friday
April 9 (Monday) - Araw ng Kagitingan     
May 1 (Tuesday) - Labor Day 
June 12 (Tuesday) - Independence Day 
August 27 (Last Monday of August) - National Heroes Day 
November 30 (Friday) - Bonifacio Day 
December 25 (Tuesday) - Christmas Day 
December 30 (Sunday) - Rizal Day  

Special Non-Working Holiday
January 23 (Monday) - Chinese New Year
August 21 (Tuesday) - Ninoy Aquino Day
November 1 (Thursday) - All Saints Day,
November 2 (Friday) - Additional special (non-working) day 
December 31 (Monday) - Last Day of the Year   

Youtube's New Face - December 2011

Popular video sharing website, Youtube has got a new facelift. The website is now much cleaner and organized to look at. Plus the dark color at the sidebar and at the top is great.