CPU Setup

Alright, listed a specs for a CPU that I have been dreaming to have for work related. Since the budget is really low, around $250 only these are selected cheap hardware enough to work with. If you have any suggestions, please let us know so we can make adjustments or other options. Thank you!

Processor: AMD Sempron LE145 2.8Ghz 1MB Cache Processor
Motherboard: ECS MCP61M-M3 (V1.0A) AM3 Motherboard
Memory: 8GB Memory / (2) PQI 4GB 1333 DDR3 Memory
Hard Drive: (System Drive) Western Digital 500GB SATA3 Hard Drive
(Data Drive) Western Digital 1TB Green 64MB SATA Hard Drive
Video Card:
Optical Drive: Lite-On 24x IHAS-224/524 Sata LS/LT Optical Drive
LED Monitor: (2) AOC 18.5" E936/940SW 1366x768 LED Monitor
UPS: Powercom Ace 550VA UPS

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