Shopping List 2012 First Quarter

After a prenup session last week, we have noticed there we there things that we lack when we go on location shoot. We don't that want happen again, and before we again accept we should need to have things ready. We list the things that we think we lack in our gear bag.

1. Rechargeable batteries (AA) for the camera flash. We like the SANYO Eneloop Batteries

2. 5-in-1 Reflector. We still have these handy yet useful light modifier. This will be useful to us since we carry light when we go to on locations shoot.

3. Q Strap (Single). When you use these type of strap, it's more convenient to move around when on location shoot, because the camera rests at your side and since we don't use long lenses, this will work for us.

4. Camera Tripod. A must have accessory for photographers. Actually we have this tripod that we have been using for quite some time now but it's not sturdy. One thing to remember when buying a tripod, do not buy those cheap ones, there's a really great difference compared to those not cheap but quality tripod. We are looking to get a Benro tripod.

5. Camera Rain Cover. It was raining the last location shoot we had so we haven't got the chance to shoot outdoors. We're thinking of getting this one too to protect our cameras from drizzle.

Salamin - Prodigal

Last month, I had the chance to watch Salamin play on stage and boy they really know how to rock the venue. Looking forward to seeing them soon again.

Movie Watched: Real Steel

Got the time to watch a good movie after a busy week schedule. Real Steel is a great movie featuring those human sized and big robots fight with each other as a sport. Along those action packed robot skills and moves, the film also has drama. We can categorize this as a father and son movie, if you are father you can relate to this one. You should see the flick, I just don't to blurt out more stuff here, it's better to watch.