High CPU Usage

Lately We've been looking at who's being the culprit of this high CPU usage going up all the way to 100% which makes the computer sluggish. It is impossible to reach that level since we are using only lightweight software in our day to day activities. If you have any idea what's going on with this, let us know.

Wordpress Joins the PIPA Protest

Famous blog publishing software, Wordpress is also on protest today. This is what you will see on their website today.

Music & Motion 11

Cebu started with a bang with the Sinulog festival 2012 and it was jam packed with people, culture, tradition and music. This January still, here's another great gig Music & Motion 11 coming this January 27, 2012 featuring some of Cebu's best bands.

Filipinos can Travel to at least 20 Countries without VISA

Travel junkies, here's a great news right now! If you're on the urge of traveling overseas, then here it is a list of countries (with the allowable days of stay) that will allow Filipinos to enter without the need for a VISA.

Bolivia - 60 days
Brazil - 90 days (for holders of diplomatic, official, and service passports, visa-free for (a) duration of tour of duty or (b) 180 days for official business or tourism)
Brunei - 14 days
Costa Rica - 30 days
Ecuador - 90 days
Hong Kong SAR - 14 days
Indonesia - 30 days
Laos - 30 days
Malaysia - 30 days
Palau - 30 days, visa upon arrival (provided that the Filipino national has a return/onward plane ticket)
Peru - 60 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Singapore - 30 days
Thailand - 30 days
Tuvalu - 30 days, visa upon arrival (provided that the Filipino national has a return /onward plane ticket)
Vanuatu - 30 days, visa upon arrival (provided that the Filipino national has a return / onward plane ticket)
Vietnam - 21 days
Zambia - visa upon arrival; 3 months for tourism, 1 month for business

Is the country you are planning to go on vacation not on the list? Hold on as this is just the confirmed countries that allow to enter without a VISA. There are still other countries which are not listed as they need to verify from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Let's be updated with this by regularly checking this post.

Wikipedia Blackout For 24 Hours In Protest For SOPA

This is what you will see when go open the Wikipedia - English version website.

Online encyclopedia, Wikipedia is protesting against SOPA and PIPA proposed bill submitted by the US congress to fight against internet piracy. The blackout will last 24 hours -- from midnight to midnight EST (05:00 UTC Wed to 05:00 UTC Thu). What will happen to the free and open internet?