Top 3 International Destinations for 2012

2011 is getting near end and planning for the year 2012 is now on our mind. Our mindset for next year is to travel to more destination (we just love travelling, going to places we've never been to and explore the beauty of the earth). Travelling to international destinations was already been in our plans before but now we're making it and we've shared the 3 international destinations we're planning to go to for 2012.

1. Singapore - First on our list, the beautiful Singapore. It's just a small country however there's a lot to offer. Definitely worth a visit.
Marina Sands Bay | credit: williamcho    

2. Hong Kong - Aside from Disneyland which a lot of people go to Hong Kong, the prices are relatively low compared to Singapore.
Hong Kong | photo by: Stuck in Customs

3. Macau - Great destination also, Macau has numerous tourist spots to visit to.
Macau | photo by: cm28689

Do you have a list of destinations for 2012? Share it to us!

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