Road Revolution

Philippine Independence Day celebration is getting near this weekend. For sure, there will be lots of activities that will be happening nationwide. If you are in Cebu city this weekend, there's this event that will take place on June 12, 2011 (that's Independence Day), Road Revolution. The idea of this event is to lessen air and traffic pollution and the organizers want is to Walk.Run.Skate.Bike along Osmena Blvd. from 6AM till 6PM. That's cool, right? No traffic, no air pollution, no dust coming from vehicles.

Freedom walk/bike from Cebu City Provincial Capitol to Plaza Independencia. Assembly time is at 5AM in the morning.

Mass and ceremonial turnover of the petition will follow at Plaza Indepencia.

Sign the Petition.
Together let us campaign for sidewalks, bicycle lanes and collective transportation system in Cebu city.

Make your stand and be a part of the Road Revolution

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