Top 3 In Demand Jobs Today

Since I have resigned from my previous job as a computer technician, this will be time again to look for another job from other companies. What's even more challenging is I am making a career shift, which is really difficult to land a job wherein you have little to no experience at all. I wanted to work on web related jobs like as web/graphic designer or an SEO specialist. Lately, I have scouring the newspapers ads for job openings and also through the internet job sites, I was surprised to notice that most jobs openings was into web jobs. These are three jobs that are in demand right now, all of them is computer/IT related jobs.

1. Web Developer. Most job openings require to have 2-3 years of experience in mostly web programming like PHP, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Jquery, Javascript.

2. Web/Graphic Designer. More and more clients are putting their business online, yet the demand for web designers is really high. At least you have to have at least 2-3 years of solid work experience from Photoshop, CSS, & HTML.

3. SEO Specialist. More websites being produced means also more work for the SEO specialist. Generally the job of the SEO specialist is to make a web/business site rank well in search engines so that it's easy for potential customers to look for them. Pre-requisites such as at least have had an experience in work as an SEO.

If you are recently a IT graduate and finding your first job, take time first to furnish your skills so you'll be to have at least an advantage of what will the work you we gearing at.

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