Photography projects to do

I was thinking of getting a photoblog sometime soon and had the idea to come up with crazy photography projects to fill up the site. Here are some of the projects that I'll be looking forward to do:

1. 52 Weeks Project. Every week on the entire year, i'll post one of the best images that have captured during the week.
2. 7 Day Photo Challenge. A week of themes based photography.
3. 30 Days Photo Challenge. For a month of clicking the shutter, a different theme everyday.
4. 35 Days with the 35mm lens. A strict 35 day challenge using just your 35mm prime lens. How's that?
5. 50 First days with the 50mm. Got a new 50mm prime? Then this challenge will be a good thing to do.
6. 85 Days with my 85mm lens. 85 days, almost three months of the 85mm prime lens to take the challenge.
7. 10 Day Black & White Project. Produce images using the b&w in-camera setting on your camera.
8. 365 Days Project. Probably this is the most famous photography project ever.

As you may have noticed, that's gonna take sometime to finish all up these project, and I'm really excited to do all of this. I'll just gonna take this one at a time. Knowing there will still be a lot of photography ideas that I can think of, I'm sure i'll have it posted it here. If you have any suggestions, fill up the comments section!

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