When Gmail went down

It was unexpected, that email service by Google, Gmail went down. That made me nervous, thinking that my personal email account was compromised as I was still able to login and check emails via smartphone before it went down. I noticed that there's something with my email when I opened Mozilla Thunderbird and asked me to enter my password which is by the way autologin when the email client is opened. Went to the web based Gmail.com, I can't access too. Tried opening Google Adsense and Google Analytics I can login without problem. This is something we need to research on what is wrong.

I hurriedly checked via web based and Thunderbird the other email account of the website that I'm maintaining which happens to be also under Gmail. I hurriedly sent a Facebook status, if anybody else is experiencing the same problem as mine. Luckily I got a response after few minutes tellling that he's also experiencing it at the moment. Thirty minutes came by, my cousin commented also that he read something in an online news site that Gmail is unaccessible to the other parts of the world. What a relief, I would have thought it will be a disaster.

And after that news I received, I tried again logging in and was able to login back without errors! Thank you Google and Gmail for the quick response.   

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