Till Death Do Us Part 3 Tattoo Competition and Photo Contest

Till Death Do Us Part Tattoo Competition

A-10-TION: TO ALL TATTOO ARTISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS AND MODELS!CSKA (CEBU SKIN ARTISTS) proudly presents....TILL DEATH DO US PART TATTOO CONVENTION AND COMPETITION..we'll be having on-the-spot tattoo and ready-made tattoo competition, there will also be other activities: "Summer Inks" Photography Contest open to all photographers, Ramp Modeling with gorgeous models endorsing the clothing line sponsors and with body paint tattoos,plus live band performers featuring HARAKIRI PRODUCTIONS: TIGER PUSSY,HATEMAIL,THE HAPPY HIPPIES AND MANY MORE plus booty shake dance by a talented,gorgeous lady from Manila and magic show etc.

Competition is open to all Tattoo artists.

1. We have (2) two categories:
A. Ready-made tattoo
B. On the spot tattoo

A. Ready made category
Black n Gray any size (entries @ 300pesos)
Colored any size (entries @ 300pesos)
•All tattoo entries under this category must be totally healed during the time of judging.
•The tattoo should not bear any scabs and flakes.
B. On the spot Category (only Artist and Model can enter the venue)
Registration Fee: P600
•The tattoo design that will be applied by the Tattoo Artist shall be a minimum size of 5"x5" sq.inch and above.
•Allotted working time will be 6 (six) hours.
(Tattoo should be finished on or before the allocated time. Artist will not be allowed to continue when time expires.)
•Tattoo Artists competing under this category are required to bring their own model, additional lighting lamp, extension wires, tattoo equipments, etc.
3. Prizes
Champion---Trophy + Gift Packs + Certificates
1st Place: Trophy + Gift Packs + Certificates
2nd Place: Trophy + Gift Packs + Certificates

Note: To those people who will be competing must wear proper attires, wearing of shoes is highly recommended.

Photo Contest Mechanics

1. The Photography Contest is open to all amateur & professional photographers.
2. Official Entry Forms are available at the beginning of the Tattoo Competition onsite at CAP center auditorium.
3. The Registration is two hundred pesos(Php200) per registrant.
4. A maximum of 5 photos may be submitted by each registrant. All photos should be taken during the Till Death Do Us Part Tattoo Competition on May 27, 2011 at the CAP center auditorium.

Contest Guidelines:

a. The theme for the photo contest is to capture the moments during the Till Death Do Us Part tattoo competition.
b. All entries should be candid and un-posed. Photographer’s are free to take pictures inside & outside the event area but is refrained from entering the tattoo area while tattoo sessions are ongoing.
c. Issued Official Photographers I’D’ must be worn while inside the CAP center.
d. Images may be in full color or in black & white.
e. Final entries shall be submitted in JPEG file folder with the photographer’s name.
f. Digital alteration is disallowed.

Criteria for Judging:

30% - Relevance to the theme
30% - Composition
20% - Quality of Image’s (sharpness/exposure/lighting)
20% - Creativity / Originality

5. Judging & awarding will be on May 27, 2011 at the CAP center auditorium.
6. Photos submitted shall be displayed during the duration of the tattoo competition.

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